Q: What ages do you work with?

  • I work with all ages (children, teens and adults)

Q: How long are sessions? 

  • Adult sessions are 60 minutes. Child and youth sessions are 50 minutes. 

Q: How many sessions will I need? 

  • The number of sessions range from client to client depending on what they are coming in for. We can discuss this in our first session.  

Q: Do I need to be an artist to benefit from Expressive Arts Therapy? 

  •  Many people who come to me start by feeling a little uncomfortable with the idea of using creative materials. You do not need to have any experience in the arts to gain the full potential of  Expressive Arts Therapy. In the sessions I will work to make you feel comfortable and challenge you to try new things only if and when you feel ready. 

Q: What if I just need to talk?

  • Talking is an important part of the work I do with clients. If you feel you just need to talk then we will give space for that. Sometimes I sense that talking is no longer therapeutic and then I will offer some opportunities to work on the same themes in an experiential way. This is always just an offer. 

Common Questions